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20th Jun 1999

Welcome. Take your time and look at my current projects which may include tracks and trucks depending what i am working on ;)

Xtreme Bigfoot
This truck is a re-make of the stock Bigfoot truck. I re-painted it black and Add-ed a blower and a new set of wheels made by Weezle i think ;) This truck will be released shortly.

When the truck is released there will be news of it here and you can find it at

T2X Team Page

Track projects
Xtreme Excavation which is a re-make of the stock Excavation track which takes the track Over the pyramids which is really cool. With banked curves and pyramid jumps you will want to d/l this track from the T2X Team Page. News of its release will be here and on the page. Sorry i dont have a pic yet.
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